Saturday, June 12, 2010

Joe Bluhm Observation

Contribution by Kari Fry-

"The guy in this video looks like Joe Bluhm, 3:05 for a closeup of his face. Sorry if the song gets stuck in your head. :)
It's a song by italian performer Adriano Celentano (Joe Bluhm) that is supposed to sound like fake English. The lyrics are pure gibberish, in any language."

Its think its cool as hell.


  1. Sweet, thanks for posting it, Brian!

    If you liked the video, watch it again with interpreted English subtitles. You'll like it about a thousand times more. :)

    But yeah, his features remind me of Joe's. His face has a certain looseness and elasticity about it.

  2. HAHA. When that guy first showed up in the video I LOLed myself. HAHA. That's a good one.